Samson 2

2008-01-24 15:27:46 by Pfitzy

OK, the Ghoul cartoon is up, now its time to knuckle down to finishing off this Samson saga. I've finished the storyboards, got most of the voices recorded, and tucked a few scenes under my belt, now it's time to get this thing animated. That's the gruelling part, but fun! (If you know what I mean).
Thanks for all your comments re. the Ghoul and my new status as father!


Samson 2


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2008-01-24 15:41:47

i really like your style and the ghoul was awesome! :D


2008-01-24 18:53:27

Can't wait for Samson 2. Love the first one. Ghoul was rather awesome as well.


2008-01-24 20:25:40

Looking forward to it.


2008-01-25 00:26:15

Oh hey, you're Australian to.

Nice, looking forward to this!


2008-01-25 01:55:30

Australians are taking over the entertainment world. All the up-and-coming actors, directors, entertainers, writers, and animators seem to be Australian.


2008-01-25 05:41:31

Awesome! Loved the first, can't wait dude!


2008-01-25 09:34:58

the reason for this sudden uprise of australian entertainers is because australians are supreme just like Pfitzy and rubberninja :)


2008-01-25 17:48:05

pretty cool. i like the color treatments you use... its like an ode to cel animations